Core Mobile’s™ e-Discharge Management Solution is dedicated to the Post-Acute Care Discharge Process and Care Transition, focusing on recognizing, on discharge from the hospital, high-risk patients who may require post-acute care (PAC) services such as skilled home care, inpatient rehabilitation, or skilled nursing facility care, to avoid costly readmissions.

Core Mobile’s™ e-Discharge Management Solution offers an electronic system that facilitates discharge planning when a patient is identified to have health care needs after they leave a hospital.

This is accomplished by:

  • Determining whether a patient is high-risk
  • Automating the search functionality to find the right Post-Acute Care (PAC) facility for the patient
  • Automating the request for placement
  • Tracking the responses
  • Supplying well-documented medication reconciliation and discharge summary information for the transition of care

Core Mobile has built-in Patient Engagement to support the new CMS discharge planning rule that requires providers to give patients a varied list of post-acute care options as well as data about care quality and cost at each facility.

Measurable and Quantifiable Impact


Discharge Planning Process

    Core Mobile’s™ e-Discharge Management Solution provides a discharge planning assessment tool for case managers to identify high-risk patients early in the hospital stay. Identifying high-risk patients early on, allows case managers to work with patients, families, and providers to develop a mutually agreed-upon plan of care leading to more appropriate Post-Acute Care referrals.

    Once it’s determined a patient will need a post-acute care referral, Core Mobile’s™ e-Discharge Management Solution will provide medical reconciliation as well as a customized patient discharge plan.

    The Discharge planning process includes:

    • Risk Assessment
    • Clinical Decision Support
    • Medication Reconciliation
    • Customized Discharge Plan

Communication and Care Coordination

    Core Mobile™ provides extensive provider-provider, provider-care team, provider-patient, patient-provider communication via text, voice-to-text, images and videos, enhancing care team communication before, during and after hospitalization. This closed-loop communication ensures the entire care team and patient are informed which supports and elevates continuity and transitions of care.


Patient Engagement

    Core Mobile’s™ healthcare solutions harness the power of mobile, AI machine learning, and real-time data to help unify care team communication, and engage and educate patients, their families, and caregivers.

    Education materials (including medication orders/instructions, picture/video materials, procedure descriptions, and pre- and post-op instructions) are customizable for a specific facility, specialty and patient through the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal. Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set education materials for most common procedures.

    Automated reminders and checklist items are pushed to patients through the CoreyPatient™ application (including medication, exercise, diet, and upcoming appointments) and providers can choose to be notified of patient compliance. Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set reminders and checklist items for most common procedures. Reminders and checklist items can be customized through the CoreyWeb™ portal for a specific facility, specialty, and patient.

    Core Mobile’s patient engagement/education solution automates the collection of patient-reported outcomes and comes with a preset collection of ePRO questions for most common procedures.

    For more on Core Mobile's patient engagement solution and how it integrates with the clinical and non-clinical systems at your facility, watch our video below.

Discharge Instructions Compliance and Outcomes Reporting

    Core Mobile ™ generates discharge instruction compliance reports, automatically, which are accessible by one-touch access from the mobile app or desktop web-based application. The system keeps track of the patient’s status at all times.

    Core Mobile provides patient education information specific to the patient’s diagnosis and/or procedure via mobile app on Apple and Android devices, via email and via text messages.

    The patient education information is customized per facility, per specialty, per diagnosis or procedure and available automatically in the software for the patient.

    The next step of customizing educational information, per patient, is done by the provider where specific patient education, instructions or videos are selected and sent to the patient, in CoreyPatient™.



    CoreyAnalytics™ provides real-time reporting on the current consult/referral process providing important data to support process improvement.

    Core Mobile™ Analytics is available in a few different forms:

    • Pre-packaged reports customized per facility available from the web portal at defined intervals.
    • Pre-packaged reports emailed periodically to select staff members.
    • Ad-hoc reports generated on demand specifying the parameters to run reports.


    Examples of generated reports can be seen below.

    Number of Referrals Per Placement Facility

      Total number of referrals sent to each Placement Facility for entire facility or by service, in a specified date range.


    Number of Patients Placed Per Placement Facility

      Total number of patients sent to each Placement Facility for entire facility or by service, within a specified date range.


    Summary of Referral Activity

      Summary of referrals sent, completed, discontinued and canceled by date range, service and post-acute care facility type. Can use filters to create other reports such as Referrals by Service, Referrals by Service and Status.


    Response Time of Post-Acute Care Provider Providers

      Times are tracked for all referrals such as time between referral Sent and populating the referral queue, to time when Care Provider Accepts the referral, or requests more information with the status of Other Response such as ‘Need More Information’, to Completed, Discontinued or Cancelled.


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